Julie Garfield is an award winning actress, who came to
painting later in her life.
Julie had a full career performing in the Theatre, both On and
Off Broadway, and in Film and Television.
She is the daughter of the legendary actor, John Garfield,
who was Black Listed in the 1950s, and died as a result.
As a young woman, Julie studied painting with Leo Manso at
The Provincetown Workshop in 1964.
She majored in Art at the University of Wisconsin, but then
decided to follow her path as an actress, and teacher of acting.
Julie returned to her studies as an artist intermittently, until
she enrolled in the New York Studio School, where she
studied for a year, in 2004, and eventually became a full time

Art Education

Art Students League, Robert Cenendella, 2017
The NY Academy of Art, Evan Kitson, 2017
Art Students League, Sherry Camhy 2014-2018
Workshop with Steven Assael, New York Academy 2017
Workshop with Steven Assael 2016
Workshop with Alyssa Monks, New York Academy 2016
Private study with Kirsten Deirup 2010-2014
The New York Studio School, 2004-2005
The Art Barge, Long Island, NY, 1998-2000
Julie is a member of the Art Students League in
New York City.
Her painting, "The Doll Maker," is shown in the 2017
Art Students League Catalogue.


Art Students League concours,
Red Dot Award (2), 2019
The Mother Gallery, Beacon, 2018.
Postcards From The Edge, 2018
Art Students League concours,
Red Dot Award, 2018
Putnam Arts Council, 2017
Art Students League concours,
Red Dot Award, 2017
Art Students League student concours 2016
Metro Pictures AIDS Benefit Show, 2016
The Chelsea Hotel, 2016
Art Splash, Leroy Nieman Center, 2015
Art Barge, 1999

Julie's OP Ed about her father's Black List,
"Memories Of A Real Witch Hunt,"(Click to view)
was published in The New York Times July 5, 2017.